Award Ceremony Season


It’s that time of year again. Award ceremony season! Such a fun time for us here at Zeddy Productions. We spent all of September planning, and all of October filming on location, for two award ceremonies taking place in November. We filmed more than 100 people, in six UK locations, across the five weeks. It was a fast-paced, non-stop schedule, but this is the fourth year we have filmed for this ceremony and we really love it.


Why Film in Advance?

You might wonder what there is to film in advance for an award ceremony, surely it all takes place on the night? Imagine the stress of having to organise stage times for up to 100 people, many in groups, for them to talk about why they have nominated someone, or why they have been nominated for an award. It would be incredibly time-consuming and with nervous (ahem, inebriated) people having to speak, it wouldn’t sound great.

By filming all of the category nominations ahead of time, we are able to create a shoot schedule that suits everyone, taking the stress of organising it all, away from the customer.

We can film succinct and engaging interviews, with as many people as necessary and then capture smooth, slick cutaway shots, using the stabiliser gimbal to give it a high-end cinematic feel. It enables the nominees to showcase a snippet of what they do or have done at work, to support their nomination.

We can edit the footage to fit an exact time line for the ceremony organisers, allowing them to plan the evening to the minute. Combined with a cinematic feel and glossy awards-style graphics, these videos really raise the impact on the night and build up the excitement.

It’s pleasing for us to see all of the finished videos come together, and to know that everyone can have a relaxed, fun evening without the pressure of delivering a live speech.

We’d just like to wish good luck to all of the nominees!!


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For all your filming needs, or if you would like to discuss the possibility of having a live stream or a promotional, corporate or animated video created, please contact us and a member of the team will be happy to help.


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