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May 2018 at Zeddy Productions


It’s the 1st of June, SUMMER IS HERE!! We’ve had loads of gorgeous days of sun throughout May, even on the bank holidays, which, you know, never happens! All of the lovely weather has made for happy filming at Zeddy Productions, and it has certainly been a busy old month. We started the month with...

Choosing a corporate video to meet your business needs


When you hear the term “corporate video” what image does that conjure up? Grey, boring, office, suits…? Often we assume that anything “corporate” must be dull, but that’s a huge misconception. A corporate video can be anything you want it to be; fast-paced, bright, punchy, impactful, and filmed on location almost anywhere you desire. But,...

Uses for a Company Video


When it comes to communication within your company – or to pass information to those outside your company there are a number of options available to you. And whilst pamphlets, talks, manuals, memos, emails etc. are all valuable options with their own merits, sometimes a company video is the best option. Company videos allow you...