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Live Streaming – The way forward for 2019


The ways in which companies market their business is constantly evolving. We have moved from posters & flyers to emails & texts featuring offers and then on to the ever increasing world of social media. Facebook, Instagram, You Tube, Twitter…..the list goes on. And as these marketing opportunities evolve, businesses must try and keep up,...

Choosing a corporate video to meet your business needs


When you hear the term “corporate video” what image does that conjure up? Grey, boring, office, suits…? Often we assume that anything “corporate” must be dull, but that’s a huge misconception. A corporate video can be anything you want it to be; fast-paced, bright, punchy, impactful, and filmed on location almost anywhere you desire. But,...

How can Promotional Video Marketing help my company?


Video Marketing has been experiencing a huge increase over the last three years, and continues to grow. According to Wyzowl’s “State of Video Marketing 2016” report, 61% of businesses were using video marketing as a marketing tool. This rose by 8% in their 2017 equivalent survey. Of those business, 82% felt that video marketing was...