Instagram Extended Video Feature


Since appearing on the social media scene in 2010, Instagram has gone from strength to strength and is now one of the leading apps for uploading photos and (until now) very short video clips, appearing at number five on the Chart of Social Media apps. Although facebook is still number one, Instagram could be about to zoom up the chart with the introduction of extended video’s uploads.



What it means for Instagram

Back in 2010, the longest video clip you could upload to Instagram was 15 seconds. This was quickly increased to 60 seconds, and has stayed the limit for several years. Instagram then run adverts alongside the videos that are uploaded and this makes them shed loads of money! The longer the video, the more adverts. The more adverts, the more money….it’s not rocket science to see why they think it’s a good idea.


What it means for you

Sixty seconds is fine for general social media use, messing about with friends and videos of your baby rolling over, but it was no good when it came to business use, and with more businesses using social media to promote themselves, something had to be done.

Extended video is a great opportunity to upload promotional video’s to your instagram to pull in the customers. You can also upload adverts, webinars, video chats, information and instructional videos….the possibilities are endless!

For us here at Zeddy Productions, the new extended video feature means that we can show our followers more behind the scenes footage, and show you what we get up to on video shoots, as well as promoting your company shoots for you!


 Contact Us

For all your filming needs, or if you would like to discuss the possibility of having a promotional, corporate or animated video created, please contact us and a member of the team will be happy to help.


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