Live Streaming – The way forward for 2019


The ways in which companies market their business is constantly evolving. We have moved from posters & flyers to emails & texts featuring offers and then on to the ever increasing world of social media. Facebook, Instagram, You Tube, Twitter…..the list goes on. And as these marketing opportunities evolve, businesses must try and keep up, or risk losing valuable custom. One of the newest opportunities that has come to the forefront throughout 2018 and stands to be huge in 2019, is live streaming.

You might think that live streaming is for makeup tutorials and video game demonstrations, but just because those subjects currently make up a huge portion of the live streaming world, doesn’t mean you should brush off it’s potential to also work for your business.



How can live streaming work for me?

Currently a massive 63% of people aged 18-34 regularly watch live streaming content, primarily through You Tube, Facebook and Snapchat. In the USA in 2016 live streaming was already a $30Billion industry, and this is expected to rise to $70 BIllion by 2021…..why would you not want to tap into that potential market base? Here at Zeddy Productions, we’re already well underway with streaming through our own social media accounts; Zeddy Productions Instagram and Zeddy Productions Facebook.


Let Zeddy Productions do the work

If you’re nervous about streaming yourself, don’t know where to start, or you’re hosting an event that needs a top quality production value to it that you just won’t get from your iPhone, then let Zeddy Productions film and stream it for you, through your own business social media, as well as our own. Double the exposure!

Be part of the biggest marketing strategy of 2019 and grow your business with Zeddy Productions!


 Contact Us

For all your filming needs, or if you would like to discuss the possibility of having a live stream or a promotional, corporate or animated video created, please contact us and a member of the team will be happy to help.



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