Uses for a Company Video

Uses for a Company Video

When it comes to communication within your company – or to pass information to those outside your company there are a number of options available to you. And whilst pamphlets, talks, manuals, memos, emails etc. are all valuable options with their own merits, sometimes a company video is the best option. Company videos allow you to create bonds between you and the people who you are trying to communicate to – almost as If you are talking to them in person, explain complicated ideas and put across more emotion than in written material. It’s a way of talking to someone in person, but that can be saved and re-played over and over again, and here at Zeddy we create videos packed with flare to keep the viewer engaged!

With the increased use of video online, people are much more used to be communicated to by video, and are therefore more open to it. As well as this, we are becoming too lazy to read. So by feeding information straight into our brains – as opposed to having to read, people are more open to learning and absorbing information. And this is why the power of video can be so important to your company.

So what uses do businesses have for company videos?


To Communicate new messages within the company

Maybe you have a new idea or concept that you want to get across to your staff. You could write a several page memo, or you could create a video which can communicate quickly and thoroughly to your staff. If you have a large company, video is an excellent way for your staff to get to know the senior management on what appears to be a personal level, creating trust and respect amongst all of your staff.


Company presentations

If you are presenting at an exhibition or trade show, or presenting your business in another situation outside of your company, video is an excellent way to communicate the essence of your business. You can show the people behind it, show how your business works and let people see with their own eyes what your business is all about. You can include talking heads, testimonials, demonstrations and communicate complex ideas through video.


Training Videos

Written manuals have a bad name for a reason – they are often difficult to understand as you try to explain how to do something `physical` in written word. Training videos are a good way to communicate by showing and can be invaluable in ensuring that staff are doing things properly.


Product demonstrations

In a similar way to training videos for your staff, videos can also be an excellent way to show off your products and how to assemble them for people outside of your business – like potential customers or partners.



If you are hosting an event and are looking for coverage to release to the media, or use internally in the future, a company video is an excellent way of remembering the event.

Videos can be a valuable resource for almost all businesses both internally and externally. It gives you a new form of communication, is great for building trust and explaining complex ideas. If you think that you company could benefit from great company video, why not get in touch with us here at Zeddy, today?  You can use our contact form here.

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