Why Zeddy Productions uses Cine Lenses


Cinema lenses, or “cine lenses”, are specifically designed for capturing the best quality cinematography. Although photographic lenses still have their place in the film making world, they are used much less these days, and really only remain to be used for specific genres of film making, and certainly not for the high-end exceptional film quality that people expect from their promotional videos, and certainly not for Zeddy Productions!



Features of the Cine lens

The most prominent feature of the cine lens is that it is specifically designed to record continuous motion, immediately setting it apart from the photographic lens. With its several distinctive design characteristics, film makers should not be considering anything else.

Cine lenses have more exterior markings, allowing for easy manual aperture, zoom and focus. They have a sturdy build, predominantly of metal, allowing for use during harsh weather conditions and they are noticeably bigger and heavier than photographic lenses.

Their fixed diameter allows the lens to be used with many different cameras, and accessories, without worrying if the lens is going to fit.


Superior Focus

The cine lens is known as a parfocal lens, which means that the camera is able to keep focus on the subject even when zooming in on a particular scene. Non-parfocal lenses require the operator to re-focus the shot when zooming in or out, which can lead to a messy, amateur looking film.

What makes a cine lens the peoples choice for videography is its ability maintain focus on a moving subject. By slowly rotating the ring and following the subject, the shot is fluid and remains in focus.

When the camera is mounted on stabilising equipment, the shots can be tracked perfectly to give that glossy, cinematic look that truly makes a promotional video stand out from the crowd.


Lighting Quality

Where photo lenses have f-stop markings which tell the user how wide the lens is open, cine lenses have t-stop markings, indicating exactly how much light is passing through the lens. This is a high precision manual setting that allows the exposure of the picture to be maintained across the entire scene, right into the corners.

Cine lenses also bring with them absolute colour consistency, so even if the lens has to be changed, you can guarantee that there will be no noticeable difference in colour to the viewer.

Regardless of the weather or light, you will always get the highest quality focus and lighting with for your video.

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