Who is Zeddy Productions?

We are a video production company specialising in corporate and promotional videos. We can create almost any type of video content. This includes attention-grabbing adverts, clear and simple instructional videos, and immersive video content to help engage your audience and grow your business.

Our creativity and enthusiasm are at the heart of all we do. We’re innovative, passionate, and think outside the box. We’re not a run-of-the-mill content farm churning out dozens of similar productions. No; we want to bring your brand into the limelight with all the personality, knowledge, and zeal that comes with it.

Zeddy Productions has been operating since 2011 when it was founded by our CEO, Zoe Fellows. Zoe had enjoyed a wonderful decade-long career in television and video journalism prior to creating Zeddy. She’d decided it was her time to go her own way and use her wealth of expertise to help businesses express the best of their brand.

Since then, we’ve created trailers for theatre productions, service explanation videos, adverts for textile manufacturers, and much, much more. The scope of what we can do is enormous – using both real footage or animation to bring your production to life.

And we don’t just film, edit, or animate your video. We can be your production partners from start to finish, including storyboarding and scriptwriting, too.

We found Ketchup Marketing when we were looking for a design or marketing agency to help us create a website to showcase our services. Ketchup is both! Their team comprises web developers, graphic designers, copywriters, SEO specialists, and more. Everything you need to make a powerful website.

The great thing about Ketchup is that they don’t take an all-or-nothing approach. As a bunch of creatives, we already had a lot we could do ourselves – including writing our website copy. Of course, we had tons of videos to include as examples of our work, and lots of pictures, too. Ketchup was able to take everything we had and incorporate it into the final site – so the end results were as much our vision as theirs.

The website has a simple structure but packs a punch. It’s colourful, bold, and has plenty of white space amidst the text so our visitors aren’t drowned in copy. Towards the footer of each of our pages, we showcase the partners we’ve worked with – all part of building trust with our current and future clients. We want them to know we’re great at what we do!

Perhaps the star of the show is our online video portfolio, which lets site visitors see first-hand the results of our hard work and creativity. What better way to advertise just what we can do here at Zeddy?

Ketchup has a team of design experts – both graphic designers and web developers. This means they can create a site that not only looks great but works perfectly, too. For us, we had the potential of ending up with a really slow website due to the number of videos embedded – as you can see, we’ve had no problems.

We recommend Ketchup for their technical expertise and ability to collaborate so closely with their clients. We’re thrilled with our final web design.

If you’d like to contact Ketchup, you can call them on 01476 852990 or email info@ketchup.marketing.

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