A New Year, The Same Great Video Production Company


Well Christmas is gone (blub!), the lights are down, and we’re well into our seventh year of video production. 2018 has got off to a booming start, with Zeddy Productions creating a set of 16 animated videos with a mobile App as well. Our animators are busy working on that one for completion any time. Check back on our showreel for a glimpse soon of our video production.



In early January, we did an awesome edit for Sytner BMW for their large corporate event, which was a great start to the year. On top of that, our editing team completed two stunningly beautiful promotional videos for a high-end textiles company called Romo. This involved two of our camera operatives filming in Majorca and Belgium… Nice! Here’s some of the stills from the shoot. When you add the beauty of a location like Majorca, to the quality of shot that we get from the 4K camera, plus cinema lenses, mounted on the Ronin gimbal (a form of Steadicam)… you’re talking top level cinematography.


Things took a steadier pace last week with us filming a teaching session taking place in a conference centre. Guy, our camera operator was on site with his 4K beast of a camera capturing the session in its entirety for the customer, resulting in a seriously huge file from two hours of filming! It wasn’t quite Majorca, but good fun anyway. For us, a shoot’s a shoot… we always get excited about it!


Boxes, Boxes & more Boxes!

Finally, this week, we’ve had fun throwing heavy duty storages boxes around to capture their durability for another promotional video. They’re really are sturdy stuff! We climbed ladders and chucked giant boxes from the skies, battered them with a hammer and screwdriver, dropped weights onto them and stomped on top of them! Capturing loads of cool slow-motion filming for that extra fine detail. Now we’re looking forward to chopping the video together in the edit!

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