Why Video Marketing is Important

Video Marketing

For businesses who are looking for effective online marketing, the power of video can no longer be ignored. There are a number of ways that video marketing can give your online marketing a boost and statistics show that it is one of the most effective marketing strategies out there.

So why is video marketing so important for businesses, and what is its effect on a business`s success?


Video marketing builds trust

In the same way that we don`t believe many things until we see them with our very own eyes, things are much more believable when we see real people. In a world where we have more choice over who we buy from, consumers are looking to buy from people who they trust and video is a great way of building that trust.


Increases conversions and sales

According to dreamgrow.com, having a product video on a landing page can increase your conversions by 80%. They also state that 74% users who watched product explainer videos went on to buy the product. These show that for businesses selling products online, video really can`t be ignored.


Great for SEO

Using videos can give you a two-pronged attack with your SEO. Firstly, Google loves videos, so you will already be in favour. Secondly, by capturing the attention of your website`s visitors, they will stay on your site for longer, winning you more favour from Google. According to Movely, you are 53 more times likely to come up top of Google`s rankings if you have a video embedded on your website. Don`t forget to also optimise your video if you are publishing it on YouTube, for SEO as well.


Easy to explain

There are some things that take ten seconds to explain vocally, but would take up a page of writing (and a lot of patience). Video allows you to explain things vocally, as well as use images, props or products to explain ideas, news or how to use products, meaning that potential customers get a great idea about what your business is offering.


Excellent for lazy buyers

We are becoming increasingly lazy in the way that we consume information in general. People in general are less likely to read two pages of information than watch a short video – or even full-length documentary, so your video can have a direct line straight into the minds of many consumers.


Easy on mobile

Videos are easy to watch on mobile devices – and with the rise in the use of smartphones and tablets, this is becoming more and more valuable. And what`s more, videos are incredibly easy to share on social media. Facebook, for example have spent a lot of time in developing the video side of their platform. And who are we to argue with Facebook?

By just looking at the trends in online marketing and indeed how consumers use the internet in general, we can see that video marketing is very important – and is set to become even more so. By creating good videos as part of your online marketing strategy you can ensure that you get the most out of your online presence and really see your business growing from strength to strength.

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